Mijn Yoga Studio organiseert regelmatig workshops met (inter) nationale en eigen docenten. Een workshop geeft je net wat meer verdieping of eens totaal iets anders als dat je gewend bent. We bieden het gehele jaar door verschillende workshops aan. Yoga Nidra, workshop, meditatie, klankschalenconcert, Pralaya, aroma therapie of een workshop over gezonde voeding.

Kijk regelmatig op de site of de facebook pagina voor de nieuwste workshops, we blijven ze plannen.

Voor alle workshops geldt:

bij annulering 14 dagen voor de workshop 50% restitutie

 annulering 7 dagen voor de workshop geen restitutie. 

Voor Intensive trainingen geldt: 

* bij annulering binnen 21 dagen voor de workshop 50% restitutie
* bij annulering 20 dagen voor de workshopgeen restitutie
* bij verzuim van afmelding voor of na start van een Intensive training zal de betaling alsnog voldaan moeten worden

* Voor Teacher Trainingen staan de voorwaarden vermeld bij de tekst van de debetreffende training 


Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

 Fundamentals 1 

About the essence of this training
What makes you a “different” yoga teacher is the level of understanding that you have of yourself. The depth of your teaching has nothing to do with complicated yoga postures or performing. Yoga IS Life itself. How deep you want to go in your Life? That might be your uniqueness as a yoga teacher. It will define your style of teaching and the people you will attract!

In times where so many people become Yoga Teachers, want to make a living from teaching yoga and even travel the world with it…

We need to find our uniqueness…To share it and make it our way to inspire others and contribute to the planet Earth.This isYoga “on” and “off” the mat.

This training is a “self knowledge” oriented training. It’s mainly based on the path of Self-Inquiry.

Conditionings are habits are constantly doubts and questioned in theory and practice during the training.

It will help you to allow aspects of yourself to be revealed. It will support you in peeling layers of a personality that can be confused (and at times, an obstacle) with the essence of who you really are.

If you are a Yoga Teacher,
or doing a Yoga Teacher Training
or a yoga student willing to dive deeper into the understanding of yourself with the intention of restoring and resetting your life,
this might be something for you.

Restorative Yoga, because of its passive nature prepares the body-mind system for Meditation. We learn to listen to the body surrendering to the pose, accepting the moment as it is. It is a Yin (feminine/ passive) form called the “yoga of Being” opposite and yet balancing the Yang (masculine/active) practice.

Restorative Yoga is an oasis in our active lifestyle as it works mainly on the nervous system bringing calm, relaxation, and clarity to make decisions and act. This training will provide for you new tools to take onto your own practice and into every day life. It is an in-depth learning for a life in a higher vibration with awareness, acceptance of oneself, others and care for the planet Earth.

Fundamentals 1:

Cost: 395,00 incl. Taxes

*The Participant may cancel his/her registration for the (Pre-) Teacher Training with full refund of the amount paid (minus the Deposit), €25,00 until two (2) months prior to the start date of the training. This can be done by sending an e-mail to:
In the case the Participant cancels their registration for the Teacher Training within two (2) months prior to its commencement, the Price will not be refunded, or the Price will be charged to the Participant, as the case may be.
Mijn Yoga Studio reserves the right to cancel the Teacher Training if there are insufficient participants. In this case, the Price already paid by the Participants is refunded immediately.

*No refunds, credits or transfers are available on cancellation of the course prior to, during or after the start date.

Fundamentals 1 (25 hours)

17,18 en 19 mei – 2019

costs: €395,00 incl. Taxes

Friday, from 11.00 till 18.00
Saterday From 13.00 till18.30
Sunday from 12.30 till 18.00

Introduction to Restorative yoga
* How Restorative Yoga was developed
* Restorative Yoga as a counter cultural yoga practice
* RY as the practice of “Being”
* The Benefits of RY and how to apply them to daily life
* The pillars of Restorative Yoga
* The practice of RY and the 8 limbs in the Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra
* Restorative Yoga floor orientated poses and Yin Yoga Poses*Description and daily practice: Forward bends, back bends, twists, side bends,
* Own practice and its understanding by the body mind system

The use of “props” in Restorative Yoga and its modifications
* Understanding of the use of props in RY
* The use of props adapted to different body structures and needs
* The use of props as a “message” to the nervous system

Breathing exercises in a Restorative Yoga practice to support the holding of the poses and the cleansing process
* Pranayama during the practice of RY
* “Sigh” breath and its benefits
* Anxiety, stress and the practice of “Sigh” breath

Mindfulness the meaning of letting go during the RY poses
* Theory and practice of Mindfulness
* The meaning of letting go
* The connection of Mindfulness & letting go in the practice of RY

Meditation and Meditation techniques
* Differences in Meditation and Meditation techniques
* Meditation within the context of the 8 limbs in the Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras
* Learning and practice of different techniques of passive and active meditations
* The benefits of Meditation
* Own meditation practice
* Meditation techniques suitable for different personalities
* The benefits of Meditation

Recommended books
“The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – Translation and commentary by Sri Swami Satchidananda
“Relax & Renew: Restful Yoga for Stressful Times” by Judith Hanson Lasater

“The Orange Book” by Osho

“Meditations from the Mat: Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga” by Rolf Gates & Katrina Kenison

This training will be thaught in english

Fundamental 2

5 , 6 en 7 juli 2019

Restorative Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training –   Fundamentals 2 (25 hours)

Costs: 395,00 (inc. Taxes)

Teacher: Veda Ela – Yoga Alliance Certified

Fundamentals 2
– Review of Contents Fundamentals 1
* How Restorative Yoga was developed
– Restorative Yoga and Yin Yoga poses
* Description and daily practice: Forward bends, back bends, twists, side bends, inversions and their modifications
* Own practice and its understanding by the body mind system
– Visualization: Directing the power of the Mind towards healing and wholeness
* The thoughts as creative forces
* Activating the intuitive force that lies within you
 * The subconscious mind
* Visualization: technique and practice
* Yoga Nidra and its practice in RY
– Exercises of Self-Inquiry: Working with the Zen koan “Who Am I?”
 * The Self-Inquiry method: Practice and Purpose of Self-Inquiry
* The Life changing question “Who Am I”

– Alignment & yoga Adjusting through touch in Restorative Yoga
 * Introduction to mindful touch
* Adjusting in RY: the difference with other styles of Yoga
* Intuitive touch and adjustments
* When to adjust and how to approach the student/client
* Guiding adjustment as an alternative to “hands-on”
* Using props to assist instead of “hands-on”
* Knowing your self: main tool for kind touch and “hands on”
– Practicing & developing teaching skills
 * Verbal instructions and tone of voice
* Guidelines toward focus and attention
Recommended books
– “Relax & Renew: Restful Yoga for Stressful Times” by Judith Hanson Lasater (revi- sion from Fundamentals 1)
“Awakening the Spine” by Vanda Scaravelli

– A book on “mindful touch” from the student’s choice
“Yoga Nidra” by Swami Satyananda Saraswati

About Veda Ela:

Veda Ela is an international Yoga Teacher who is passionate about sharing the path of yogic life style – an adventurous life full of joy! She is a Dancer, Yoga & Meditation teacher who studied in India and Europe.
She travels and teaches in Argentina, Costa Rica, India, Holland, Belgium ,Spain, Ibiza and Mallorca and Germany for over 25 years. She studied Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance and various forms of Hatha Yoga. She also holds a degree in Philosophy and Literature.

Decades ago while living in India, Ela fell in love with yoga under the guidance of yoga Master Indra Devi (from the Krishnamacharya tradition). Veda Ela has been also influenced by the style of yoga teachers in the West like: Judith Lassater, Shiva Rea, John Friend, Rodney Yee and Sarah Powers amongst many others. Veda Ela’s teaching have been continuously evolving, finally leading into the creation of her own style that merges the eastern and western traditions.

She works according to the level of the students mainly with a gentle but powerful flow of asanas, Yin & Restorative Yoga, Breath Awareness, Meditation and Self-enquiry, creating space to rest within moments of stillness and opening the door to Silence.

Veda Ela loves music and considers it essential in her daily life. “Music can change your mood, heal and help transform your life” she says. As a Dj she used to be, music is an inspiring element in her yoga work.
Ela brings passion, sincerity and presence into her classes, workshops and Teacher Trainings, imparting a sense of enthusiasm, curiosity and acceptance towards the yoga practice.

Veda Ela lives and teaches in PachaMama ( She is one of the pioneers of this Eco-village with an alternative lifestyle located in the pristine forest of Costa Rica. PachaMama is based in awareness, meditation and the respect for Mother Earth and the environment. From April to July Ela travels to Europe to share her classes, workshops, retreats and Yoga Teacher Trainings


Vrijdag 17 mei

Energietherapeut Juno Burger komt naar Mijn Yoga Studio .

Een bijzondere avond waarbij je leert te voelen wat er op energetisch niveau gebeurt met je als je gegrond bent, mensen ontmoet en helemaal verbonden bent. 

Want wat gebeurt er nu precies wanneer je iemand ontmoet? 

Waarom voel je dat je een week zou willen slapen nadat je op zaterdagmiddag bij Ikea bent geweest? 

Door de dynamiek van verschillende energetische niveaus te leren begrijpen, leer je weer de kracht naar jezelf te halen en mee te bewegen

Deze lezing is voor jou als je wilt begrijpen wat er energetisch gebeurt wanneer je iemand anders ontmoet. 

* Wanneer je je bewust wilt worden, zijn en blijven van jouw aandeel in de werkelijkheid die je creëert

*Je de dynamiek van het compassievolle hart wilt begrijpen en toepassen

*Je de subtiele taal van je lichaam opnieuw wilt ontdekken en bewust gebruiken

*Je wilt leren hoe je energetische spanning loslaat en niet weer opnieuw opbouwt

Kosten: * 35,00 (incl.btw) water en thee


Na betaling is je plek verzekerd